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I have an 11 month chiweenie that I rescued from a local animal shelter who is a very picky eater. She refuses to eat dog food and will starve herself before she will eat it. I can mix some type of meat with it and she will eat it for a couple of meals, then she seems to get tired of it quickly and won't eat again until I try something different. Should I keep trying to find ways to please her so she'll eat even though it changes all the time? I do my best to get her to eat the dog food because I know it's the healthiest for her. Is this common to the breed? Can anyone recommend a dog food that chiweenies really like?

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Puppy Chow, my dog loves it!

My Chiweenie has the exact same eating habits as above, (diet) I have tried everything. He likes veggies the best. I wonder at times if he could be vegan. He likes tomatoes, cucumbers and green beans, he turns down sausage, hot dogs, and even burger at times. I have tried all the dog foods right now I have Iam's and he won't eat it. I'm not sure myself what I could do to get a regular eating habit going with my Deasle! He loves peanut butter I give it to him at least once a day for the protein. Help Please any info at all will help!!?????!

Hello, we have a chiweenie, he is a year old now, he was only 2lbs when I found him while traveling bear death... the only thing I could get him to eat was Cesar select brand/// at the time till he was 6-months old we think ... the Vet was unsure what breed he really was...anyway he now eats with his big brother and mentor who is half sherpard and lab /// Racer is 15.1 lbs now /// with brother is 98.6 lbs both are Beneful complete Regular dog food.

I have an 11 month old chiweenie...Diamond...she eats puppy chow one month and beneful the next month - I do mis it with just a little bit of whatever I am eating.

I have an 11 month old chiweenie...Diamond...she eats puppy chow one month and beneful the next month - I do mix it with just a little bit of whatever I am eating.

Try chef Michaels, I know it is exspensive but a friend of mine has a chiweenie and he loves that dog food, plus its high in vitamins and minerals, and is really good for ur dog.

My Chiweenie is also a shelter dog. We hand fed him for a few days. After this he started eating on his own but very slowly. We have added small pieces of carrot to his food or as treats, as well as some fish oil. Each new element took a little time but he is eating well now.

We have a chiweenie (walker texas ranger) I noticed that he was eating when we were at my mom's house, but not at his own house. I have found out that they do not like to eat alone. ( I am usually doing dishes at my moms when he eats) I put his food bowl in the living room and now he eats all the time. Maybe they don't like the location of where they are eating.

I have a 10 week old, and she was trying to starve herself to death. After trying every cheap/expensive puppy food, I even tried puppy milk. No go, my vet offered me a sample of Science Diet Puppy small bites, and she loves it, she eats very good now. She is picky about it sitting out she wont eat it, but I feed her a little 3-4 times a day.

We have a 1 year old Chiweenie and he has been tempermental with his food as well, and it's taken us awhile to find a kibble that he'll eat. We did okay with science diet, but he eats best when we mash in some wet food... or if I cook chicken I'll save the chicken stock and a few pieces of meat (just boil a chopped up breast for the pup and save the water.. should give you enough meat/stock for a week to supplement)... warmed chicken stock over the kibble and a few bits of shredded chicken make his food disappear fast!

I have a Chihuahua that is exactly the same! Down to he gets tired of it too . Even steak.after a couple meals. Weird . I don't know what to do either cuz he is hypoglycemic so I can't let hi go hungry and he will literally starve himself if I dint change it up at least every two three days and it has to be people food or mostly people food with just a tiny bit of dog food .. I've tried all sorts of dog foods. From expensive to cheap. He hates it all. Wet or dry. I'm at a loss.

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