Photo I keep getting mixed reviews about whether or not chiweenies are good with children. I have 4 kids a

My Chiweenie loves kids. The best thing to do is get a young one so it will get used to children. A 5 year old dog that has never seen children before may be too scared of them.

Photo I have a 5 week old chiweenie puppy. Can she go through the night with out food or should i be waki

I used to raise Manchester Terriers, so I have had a lot of experience raising pups. Five weeks old is a bit too young for a pup to be taken from its mother, as they are usually still nursing at that

Photo I have a chiweenie with 3 chihuahua legs and one weenie dog leg....what medical problems do I have t

wow never heard one of a kind must be worth alot of money!!!! you should take him to the vet he might have back problems due to bigger leg.

Photo My chiweenie is only 11 wks. old and I have noticed she has small patches of what looks like hair lo

My dog had it too . Medicated shampoo helps, and also vitamins!

Photo Can a chweenie lose hair from to many baths

I have a chi-weenie also and he get a bath once a week, maybe it's the shampoo. I went to my local pet shop and got something for sensitive skin they hair tend do be a little dry at time they will ad

Photo how old do they need to be before they can get a flea treatment? or can they get flea treatments? w

Your puppy can start getting flea treatment now. When you start to bring your new puppy in to get his/her shots, the vet will offer you 2 different kinds of flea treatment. One is for heart worms and

Photo I bought my Chiweenie from a breeder when he was 4 weeks old his name is Brex. He and my 2 other cat

You bought it from an irresponsible breeder. First off you CAN'T separate dogs from their moms until they're minimum 8 weeks. He is probably scared of them because he either has separation anxiety or

Photo I just got my 10 wk old chiweenie and he tends to only want to be around me. When I am not home my m

It's just because your puppy is new and if it sleeps upstairs then it feels that that is it's home. Nothing to worry about!

Photo I have an 11 month chiweenie that I rescued from a local animal shelter who is a very picky eater. S

Puppy Chow, my dog loves it!

Photo How long is the gestation period for the pregnant female chiweenie?

63 days. The same as other dogs.

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