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how old do they need to be before they can get a flea treatment? or can they get flea treatments? what is the best kind of puppy food for my 11 week old chiwinnie? Is there anything specific to caring for them a new first time owner should know?

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Your puppy can start getting flea treatment now. When you start to bring your new puppy in to get his/her shots, the vet will offer you 2 different kinds of flea treatment. One is for heart worms and fleas and the other is for flea and ear mites. I would use Advantage or Frontline for now or which ever your vet recommends You can also find both products at Walmart of Target. They are little tubes filled with a oily clear liquid that you apply on your puppies back. When using either of these products, my vet told me, you'll still see flea crawling on your puppy but as soon as the flea bits your puppy the flea will die. I have used both and I still find fleas on my puppy after they have bitten him so I suggest getting your puppy flea shampoo for in between each treatment. Your only able to give your pet flea treatment once a month so the flea shampoo comes in handy when you find your flea treatment isn't working like it should be. Whats good about using the one for heart worms and flea is you wont have to give your puppy and extra pill for heart worms every month and if you decide to go with the other treatment without the heart worm medicine in it you'll have to give your puppy a pill every month for heart worms. Both flea treatments work "okay" my puppy was immune to the heart worm and flea treatment so I found the flea and ear mite worked better. When your puppy is 16 weeks old the best treatment to put him/her on is called Vectra. Vectra is a pill they take once a month it goes according to their weight and it starts to kill fleas after 30 mins after giving them the pill. You don't have to worry about bathing him/her. While the other 2 treatments I mentioned in the begging start working after 2 hours and you wont be able to give your puppy a bath as often as you would like. When using Vectra Your puppy will stay flea free for a month while the others you'll see a few fleas here and there during the course of the month. My puppy has been using Vectra for a month and I have yet to see a flea on him. So in my personal experience Vectra works the best and it is a 100% effective unlike the other liquid treatments. Chiweenies are very picky eaters and every dog is different in what food they prefer. I had to switch up my puppies food a few time before I found out witch one he liked best. I went from the most expensive brand of food to the cheapest brand of food and lucky for me my puppy hates the expensive kind. Chiweenies are a mix breed between a Dachshund and a Chawawa and they pretty much have all the similar health problems as both the breeds they are mixed with. So dont feed your puppy table food. I know its hard to say "no" but its very bad for their health like Dachshunds they are more prone to get over weight. And with that being said it can cause your puppy to have searchers and low blood sugar. It also can cause Pancreatitis which can be faital. Chiweenie puppies can be very active and love to play but they also love to snuggle up and relax with their owners too. So have plenty of chew toys for his/her and also get ready for a lap dog. They are extremely smart and easy to potty train. When I first bought my puppy he was 8 weeks old, it took us about a month and he was fully potty trained and now goes to the back door when its time to go potty. They love attention and will gravitate to one person in the household more than the others living with you. I have had previous breeds of dogs thought my life and I have to say the Chiweenie breed is my favorite so far. They are the easiest to train and have the sweetest personality. Its hard not to want to spoil them all the time because they defiantly know the way to their owners heart. They tend to be shy when they meet new people but it doesn't take them long to get used to some one new. I hope this information helps you with getting to know and caring for your new puppy.

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