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Can someone better explain what is meant by "sufficient exercise"? The meaning of that is very relative and I don't know how it applies to the miniature australian shepherd. A long run every day? A daily 30 minute walk? Just let loose in the yard each day?

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Aussie Shepherds as a rule need LOTS of exercise, either in the yard or long walks. I have a Aussie shepherd mix and she can run and play outside all day long and still have her hyper bouncy energy at the end of the day, and after a good night's sleeping like a log, she will do it again the next day. If she is stuck inside all day with not even a walk (preferably more than just a walk) she will get jittery and do the running she needs in the house and pester for play (so running her up and down stairs chasing a ball or something if you have to be inside can sometimes take the edge off.)

I have mini aussies, and they are not the way the other responder described. They love to run out in the morning, play with each other, run around for about 15 minutes, then want to come back inside. They lay on the couch, chew on chewies, and hang out. They do not act nervous or hyper. I love this breed, as they will match your lifestyle. Some love the frisbee lifestyle, others make great couch potatotes. As long as they get to hand out with their humans at some time, they are most happy.

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