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I've been wanting to get a cavalier puppy. The articles the I read about them.They are beautiful dogs. My question is: How big or small are they? Are they similar to the size of a papillion? Smaller than the cocker spaniel? OR approx. the size of an english bulldog or a pug? please give me an idea about way. I've read the articles of what their sizes are supposed to be. But I've heard they are small dogs like a papillion and in between the cocker spaniel.

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I have a Cav and a Pug. The Cav is slightly taller about 1-1.5 inches and a little bit longer. He is not as heavy as the pug. He weighs 15 pounds and my pug is 19. They play very well together. The pug is 3 and the Cav is 1.

They are the biggest toy breed. weight 12-18lbs and are pretty tall with long legs. But they are a great size and are still small!

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