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I am a runner and am looking at adopting a Mini Aussie puppy. I run a 5 mile run 3 days a week and a 6-12 mile run once a much of that if any can he run with me? I only run in the evening because I cant handle the heat as well as he couldnt either I am sure. I also assume IF he can run, he would need to work up to the distance, how would I do that also? what mileage/day schedule I mean...still assuming it is ok that he run a 5 mile run in a day. Also, I am not a fast runner, I range from 8.45/mile to 10.45/mile thru-out one run.

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I ran a half marathon with my aussie. I have her trained off leash so it was a lot easier-which isn't hard to do for aussies-I am not sure how I would train it to run that much, I trained with mine so it worked out well. I am sure they can run a lot more than that with the proper schedule. Since my dog is trained off leash she was a lot better of a runner than I when I first started, but she could run back and forth a head of me to behind me so it didn't matter if I was a fast runner or not. That is why I got my aussie to motivate me to run.

That would be great for an min aussie my aussie is very out going and so are her puppys. I think an aussie would be perfect

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