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I got 5 month old Cavalier spaniel puppy about a week ago. I am feeding him Blue Buffalo dog food which he likes. I was wondering how much I should feed him and how often?

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I also have the runt of the litter and yes she has been a handful with health problems. She came home with mites that developed into demotectic mange due to her low immune system. She has allergies to something. She's six months old now and is being spayed today, but I will investigate the allergies further. Her head is alos pretty little and her tear duct on the right side of her face does not allow her tears to flow through her nose, instead her eye waters all of the time. I was told that a vetrinary opthamalogist can repair this. $$$

It is very good holistic food so it should be 1/2 to 1 cup per day in 2 different meals.

1/2 cup twice a day till 24 weeks old then 1.5 cup a day. Best in split in 2 feedings: am/pm.

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