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I have a 2yr. old Cav and she is extremely attached to me. I will be going on a 2 week trip and worry about her with a live-in sitter. She has been cryinig at the door when I leave her just for an hour. What should I do?

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You have to get her detached from you. Does she sleep in the same room as you? Do you take her with you everywhere? One reason dogs cry is because they are bored. Give her some of her favourite chews and toys. Leave through the back door and mix everything up a little. She won't know if you are coming or going. Hire someone, or get a friend or family member to come and stay with your dog while you go out some times. Have you considered getting another cav as a companion and maybe a mate??

Another Cav is the right answer! I have two and they are attached at the hip! One is a year and half and one is six months. I once read that "No one can have just one Cavalier"! Sweet, sweet, sweet breed!

I have the same issue with my 1 1/2 year old Cavalier. To leave the house, I put peanut butter on one of her treats and then I stick it to the kitchen floor. Then I sneak out. If I don't she will scratch at the door and cry. I plan my days very carefully so she doesn't get too many treats in one day. When I leave town I leave her with a woman who has a cavalier. She is always happy to go.

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