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I have a 4 month old ruby cav unfortunately I have to work 3 days a week, she has a large pen food,water,toys,bedding and lots of newspaper on the floor,and we leave the radio on but I am really worried that she will fret and stress her out. everyone is saying that they need constant companionship but what if you have to work??

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I work 5 days a week and my days are 10 hours. I leave my puppy in a crate with chew toys, and she does fine while I am away. I think it also helps that I come home for an hour, let her potty and play fetch with her during my lunch break, so that she can get exhausted and sleep. When I leave, I will give her a kong stuffed with treats. As soon as I am home and can supervise her, she stays out of the crate. I also let her sleep on the bed with me at night. It's a matter of balancing out the time you spend with her. At first, it takes them awhile to get used to this, but you have to give them boundaries and teach them obedience early on. This makes it more pleasant for you and your pup.

I also have a tricolour Cav 8 months old now and I work 5 days a week. I take her out for a short walk before I leave for work so she can do her business. I have a large indoor run for her in which I put her food, water, toys and bed and she is fine. They are great at adapting as I live in an apartment and when I come home I take her for a 20 minute walk and again last thing at night. She is fully house trained since she was four months and a real joy and great company.

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