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I have heard that Border Terriers bark very much! I am extremely confused. Can somebody help me get things straight?

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my border does not bark, only when the door goes or when she has to. very mild tempered and good manners in this breed i find. they do have a tendancy to ''sing'' as they call it, i find this is when they are happy (greeding) and possibly lonely, everybody should have a border terrier !!!

My Border terrier only barks inside when he hears strange noises-like a omnimous thud and when the keyboard is on a strange setting. He barks outside when people walk past in the fields behind our house, because he thinks that is his territory. He also dosen't like Hi-Viz jackets. Borders are amazing dogs, and they are happy just staring out of a window watching the world go by!

Well, it totally depends on your border terrier's personality!! Some are milder, while others can be more hyper, and bark more!

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