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I just bought a 8week old puppy yesterday and dont know what I should be feeding him. Should he be on dry or wet food or both. He's turning his nose up at everything and im afraid he'll become ill if he doesnt start to eat. Also is milk bad for the dog?

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I don't have a cavalier puppy, but I really would like to have one though. I read your question online about what to feed the puppy. I've raised golden retriever puppies and I've always fed them the purina puppy chow (the soft chewy kind in the bag).They were about 6-8 weeks old when I fed them that. When they were 5 weeks old , I fed them the purina canned puppy food. I only gave them approx. 1-2 teaspoons to start on their appetite. Milk will not hurt the puppy. It's best to give them warm carnation milk or goat's milk. Try adding a little milk in the puppy food for taste. That might start the puppy to eat.They say that you start to feed puppy food to smaller dog breeds at around 8 weeks and big dogs at around 5 weeks.I did a research because I had a cocker spaniel that had puppies for the first time. But she had sadly passed away. So, I do hope this does help in any way possible.Good luck and congradulations on your new family member.They are a joy!

royal canin sell dog food made for cavalier king charles dogs I tried every brand on the market and he turned his nose up at all but when I bought food all my worries about my charles were gone he eats and is happy and healthy and I know that this food is made for this breed so check out the web site for this dog food it is very interesting I promise you won't be disappointed I know we are glad we found this food for him.

Purina Pro Plan Puppy formula is really good. It is a dark package with a cavalier puppy on the front. My puppy loves it and the vet recommends it!

I would feed him the best. Orijen, Fromm, or Wellness dry puppy food(1/4 cup 2 times a day. If he is a picky eater, throw in a scoop(tablespoon) of Wet food from those same companies.

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