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I was wondering if someone could tell me the average weight of a 12 week old Mini Australian Shepherd please? Mine has only gained 1 pound in the last month, and is not quite 5 lbs yet. He does appear happy and healthy and definitely has grown taller, but I feel like he is too thin. Thank you!!!!!!

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The weight will depend upon a lot of factors. Is this puppy from small "Toy" or "Mini" bloodlines? If the parents were quite small (less than 12 pounds), then this sizing may be "normal" for this particular puppy. If they were much larger, and there are no "Toy" lines, then there could be a health problem, or you may not be feeding enough. An example of larger "Miniature Australian Shepherds": We have raised this lovely breed for many years - We prefer a medium-sized dog, so breed for adults ranging between 30 - 40 pounds; as such, our puppies typically weigh at least 12 - 15 pounds at 12 weeks of age. Hope this helps... RunAmok Farm Miniature Australian Shepherds

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