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My Cavalier king Charles is one year old. she looks fat to me, I measured her round the body 18 inches, is this fat?

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not to me it sounds cute and it is still a pup

no it is still a pup and I bet it is just extra skin

Your dog is no longer a pup. Cav's should be fully grown at 8 to 9 months of age. I would take it to the vet to be checked. As the breed has genetic heart problems, you don't want to put extra strain on their hearts. While treating them may be hard to resist, It might be a case of life and death. There are some variations in size in the breed, so the measurement is not enough for an indication of health. Please visit your vet.

Every reputable Cavalier breeder I know has told me that your Cavalier is full grown and no longer a pup by 10 months old. I completely agree with the first response.

This breed does tend to get overweight quite easily... A one year old is no longer a puppy!

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