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My family is looking into buying a miniature Australian Shepherd but our littlest girl is allegeric to dogs. Does this breed of dog cause a lot of allergy problems? She can't be around our neighbor's house because they have a big yellow lab that sheds a lot.

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Hi. My son and I have asthma and are allergic to pet dander which I found out after adopting a chihuahua. After 6 months of being miserable living with inhaler and nebulizer, I decided to give TUX up for adoption which broke my family's heart. 2 years later, I decided that it's time to try it again before my kids starts going to college and missed out on the experience. I found a 3-month old aussie @ the shelter and fell in love with her. All I know about the breed is that it is a very active dog and bred to "heel" which the attendant told me. I've had her for 3 weeks now and so far, no asthma triggers or allergies. Sandalz (which the boys named her!) is just the smartest dog ever! The first day, she learned to sit, stay, fetch balls and we gave her the job to pick up empty water bottles in the backyard which she is an expert :) So far, no herding issues either since my boys (13 &15) enjoys playing basketball with their friends in the backyard. She loves to run while we bike around the neighborhood without a leash and has no aggression issues towards joggers, other dogs and/or cars. I hope this answers your question but just want to make sure what to expect about the breed as well. Goodluck with your search!

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