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my chorkie has long hair and short hair mixed he has really long hair around his eyes how do i keep it groomed

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Your groomer should be able to trim him around his eyes. My chorkie gets trimmed about every two months.

I am lucky because my downstairs neighbor in my apt building is a dog groomer. She ultimately ends up trimming and cutting markies hair every 5-6 weeks. Nails every 2-3 weeks. I bath him every 2 weeks. I usually keep his body hair a bit shorter and face just a tad longer. My chorkie honestly just looks like a puppy yorkie. That teddy bear look ya know? That is what he will look like forever so i keep the "teddy bear" cut on him. Sometimes i do it shorter and somtimes i leave it longer. Only reason i have ever done his face shorter and beard is because so much stuff gets stuck in it and it gets really hard and gross easily and the less hair around his eyes the better because of the eyes running. But i have watched how my groomer trims around his face and eyes SO when that is all he needs now instead of bugging her i just do it. Its not that hard i can't explain it though. I would recommend you take yours to the groomer just a few times and stay and really pay attention and watch how she trims around the eyes and face and then when your comfortable try it on your own. That is how i did and again i have been doing the trimming now on my own even around his rear end and feet now myself after watching her so many times. Then when he needs a whole body cut, shave or even trim i let her do it because shes the professional and keeps it all even lol.

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