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The Crested Havanese are an energetic cross between the Chinese Crested and Havanese. He has a firm stature if taking after the Havanese parent and a more delicate build if the dominant gene is the Chinese Crested. Nevertheless you will find him playful, and he will make a fun loving addition to a family home.

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The Crested Havanese is fun and playful to be around. He has a sensitive side so you will want to be aware of this. He wants nothing so much as to be with his humans. He will wand your attention and love as well. He doesn\'t tend to bark, so he is a great pet to take along with you when travelling or going out and about.

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10-12 inches
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6-13 pounds
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General Health

You can expect a pretty good long life of 12-15 years. Joint and eye issues could be a health concern.

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There are a couple of theories on the history of the Chinese Crested. It may have come from Africa related to a hairless dog, or perhaps Mexico. The Havanese is noted to be the National Dog of Cuba, however its origins can be traced to the Mediterranean.

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Hypoallergenic and non shedding this one makes the perfect match for allergy sufferers. However the coat should be brushed and bathed regularly. If the Crested Havanese favors the Chinese Crested appearance, the skin may need protection from the sun.

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Ideal Environment

A family environment and lots of attention will be a nice fit for this hybrid. He will love to display tricks to keep you entertained. Extreme cold or heat will not suit this canine if it takes after the Chinese Crested. Also be aware of the high prey drive.

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