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We have a Morkie and we are trying to train him to use the puppy pads. Most of the time he does well but he rips them apart. How can we stop him from doing this? Also he likes to nip at us we yell NO loudly but I think he thinks we are playing. Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.

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I believe wee pads confuse dogs and say it is okay to eliminate in the house. These are dogs and puppies should be trained to go outside to eliminate. As for the nipping - that might be teething. Shouting NO may only be confusing. I would remove my hand or whatever he is nipping at and say stop that. MyMorkie goes outside to eliminate 6 months old and still is changing her baby teeth to adult teeth so likes to mouth everything. I either remove the body part and say stop that in a straight but normal volume tone and/or exchange my body part with a chew toy. Hope this helps you.

if you have every watched a mummy dog with her puppies, she will growl at her puppies when they nip or just become a nuisance. We rescued a puppy mill dog and the nipping was getting out of control. He only did this when he wanted attention, It wasn't aggression. A trainer told us to be the mummy dog and give a loud growl whenever Boo would bite. After a few times he stopped biting.

They have trays you attach the pads to so the pups can not run off with them.

I bought a potty pad holder it hold the pad in place no more tearing

The best tools for training any dog are easy ones as in bad behavior you actually need to catch them in the act of the bad behavior to admonish it. Tearing up potty pad; I use a training spray that you spray onto the middle of the pad thus attracting the dog to potty there n nothing else. Not to to much spray or they'll think the whole pads soiled. You can get this spray at any pet website or store potty training spray, keep it on hand always as after training they do tend to get lazy n miss the pad completely so respraying every once in a while keeps them on track. Bites the best way to demonstrate that this is unwanted behavior is to take whatever is being bitten away turn head to the left and saying no by taking your eye contact away to them it's the end of the world demonstrates that what they're doing is unwanted behavior. Toys toys toys these guys need them they are chewers the best toys for these little ones are made by King .Kong toys are made to be nye on destructible though you still must inspect the toys daily as they do have very sharp small teeth n if they're pups get the next size up medium not small as those can n will be chewed to time, is a big must as its exercise and bonding time and teaches the right kind of play. I hope I've helped my Morkie Svens three years old in if your consistent about all this you'll have a beautiful life together!!!


you need to say no and give him or her a toy

Spray water and say no sternly. This is what we do with our morkie and it does work. It may take some time, they are strong willed.

Spray water and say no sternly. This is what we do with our morkie and it does work. It may take some time, they are strong willed.

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