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Usually closer in appearance to a Great Dane, but with a much thicker body, like a mastiff.

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The Daniff is a sensitive breed that responds well to gentle authority given its sensitive nature. A Daniff requires the presence and approval of its owner and may be very co-dependent. While this breeds size is fitting for the outdoors, it very much longs to be indoors and near its owners. Neglect and aggression can cause severe anxiety which may cause this breed to become destructive. Daniffs are protective by nature. In most situations it will give warning and alert barks but will never attack. It will use its large appearance to ward off intruders. Daniffs make excellent family dogs and are very loyal. Daniffs have an uncanny sense of perception and very willingly accept invited guests into the home, but will be alert with strangers. Its size and muscle structure make it very athletic and an ideal addition for an active family. The mature size and strength of a Daniff can be quite imposing for this reason alone the breed should not be considered a dog for beginning owners.

From experience my daniff puppy is now 7 months old. He is very loyal to me and tolerates my boyfriend since he knows I wouldn't allow it any other way. This breed will not tolerate aggressive training or discipline, as it will react very badly as it grows bigger and stronger in size and this does not mean he aggressive unless you allow this behavior . They are very protective dogs especially to other animals whether it be cats or other dogs in family and does what it can to please. But do not underestimate this dog as it will retaliate if necessary and doesn't just use his size as a warning and will do what it can to protect its loved ones as long as you respect him. This breed isn't good alone very long and does well if given plenty of chew toy options and will learn very fast if he tries to chew on something you don't agree on and doesn't take much discipline for him to get your point. This animal is recommended for any loving animal person with kids or other animals as long as he is treated as family too. I do not regret learning this breed and it will be hard to want a different breed in the future. It will not require a lot of professional schooling if you know how to simply show a dog ground rules: sit, lay down, no, be gentle, kisses! Such a great animal to learn and grow with every day with all sorts of fun and new learning adventures to come. This dog has the ability to be anything you want as long as it is from the heart and full of love because all it wants is to please.

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100+ pounds
As with all hybrids, the appearance and size of a Daniff is representative of the sire and dam and their ancestry. Puppies from AKC parents (again consider the parents adherence to the breed standard) will normally be much larger than the average puppy, 3 to 4 pounds at birth. Male Daniffs, at the end of their first year, will be between 30-32 inches tall and the female will be proportionally smaller. Daniffs, like most giant breeds, do not reach their full adult size until the end of their second year. At the point expect males to be about 32-34 inches tall at the shoulder. Normal weight for a male should be between 115lbs and 130lbs and females will be proportionately smaller. Care should be given so that a Daniffs weight does not exceed 135lbs as this could potentially cause health problems.
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General Health

As with any large breed, Daniffs are prone to hip dysplasia and bloat.

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They are very low maintenance. They will require a weekly brushing.

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Ideal Environment

A large yard, or farm would be ideal. Daniffs can live in smaller homes/ apartments if given the right amount of exercise.

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Do daniffs slobber as much as mastiffs or do they slobber as much as a great dane?

I have 14 month old female,and the only time she drools is when she has been drinking alot or after she has been running around. And its not a constant drool .. Shes a great dog though.


I just recently had to put my Mastiff down. I had heard about the Daniff and had started research on them but still have a few questions that I hope can be cleared up. Depending on the pictures I see there are tall looking Mastiffs or one's that look a lot like a Great Dane. Does it depend on the Mastiff it is bread with? English, Bull or whatever kind or is it the Dane? I am looking for one with the more square head and little bit shorter ears like the Mastiff but the height and length of the Dane. Or is this just going to be determined at birth?

When I chose my boy out there were several puppies, and two of them were Dane looking, the mom was a large Dane and the dad was a large English Mastiff. The look of the puppies comes out at random almost, so no matter where you go there will be Dane looking puppies and Mastiff looking puppies.

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