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The Dorkie has a long, smooth coat that is usually black and red. The legs are short and the body is long. The coat is easy to care for and is generally fluffy and soft. The profile is low.

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Dorkies, because they are part Daushaund are very good at barking. Although they may be a small breed, they have a very loud, short, deep bark. The Dorkie loves to be a lap dog and craves attention. They are known to burrow under covers and love to go for ride alongs in the car. This breed is very smart and easy to train. They are great for first time dog owners. Some tend to be picky eaters and it may take awhile to find their preferred diet. Dorkies often become very attached to one person but still do well with others in the family. They are good with kids and are very gentle. They do well in apartments or a house as well as with large families. Most are not hyper and may sleep close to 18 hours a day. Although, some may be very hyper. When children are present, they love to play. They need several leash walks a day or to be let loose in a large yard.

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It is likely that a Dorkie will be long-bodied and usually a bit taller than a Dachshund; however, not as tall as a Yorkshire Terrier.
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7-20 pounds
5-15 pounds
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General Health

They are generally a healthy breed, but may be prone to genetic diseases present in Yorkshire Terriers and Dachshunds.

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Dorkies are very low maintenance dogs. The occasional nail clipping and grooming is necessary. Some Dorkies do have longer coats than other that may need to be trimmed, but other than that, no other major maintenance required.

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Ideal Environment

Dorkies ideally like to be inside. They like to be comfortable and to be around people. They are a wonderful apartment dog and love kids. They have moderately high energy and need daily exercise. They enjoy long leash walks, meeting other dogs and riding in cars.

HI, Angie from Ringgold,Ga. my 5 lb dorkiie Max is 2 loves to play, loves kidsand loves to bark at anything that he can see out the window. He does have allergy problems since last summer. ON a grain free diet. Max never misses a thing and beats the kids to the car (In garage) each morning. We love little tiny Max.

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I was just needing some ideas on what type haircut to give my dorkie. I was told she would not shed, but she does, alot. Any suggestions?

My dorkie has shorter hair than most, and I find that works best. His leg hair gets rather long, so I trim that. Also, my Dorkie shed for about the 1st year (We originally got becuase they told us a low-shed dog-but he shed all the time) but is now 2 years old and barely sheds. Hope that helps!


I have a 9wk old dorkie who is absolutely precious..."chubs". He is very finicky and i was wondering what i should feed him. He doesn't like eukanuba dry puppy food. Could you suggest what i might try? He has started itching very badly and chewing on his paws. He has been around another puppy whose owner says doesn't have fleas. He is very dark and i can't see any fleas. He has also been out in the grass. What might you suggest?

Mine was the same way!! He finally started eating the xsmall pro plan dog food with little problems.


Our puppy will not go to the bathroom. We are on vacation with her and she will not go. HELP!!! What to do???


What might be the cause of my dog scratching himself (mostly his belly\rib area and his face everyday allday? it keeps him awake, he is very irritated and uncomfortable. I have tried Oatmeal shampoo, hotspot treatment and flea and tick store bought medicine. PLEASE HELP


How old should your dorkie be to get fixed.?



I have a Dorkie that is a hear and a half in age. Is 7 pounds. Sweet and loving but can not get on a schedule to do his business outside. He will go out and pee then come in and poop on the carpet. When he needs to go out he sits near the door but I don't always see him - he is like a ninja that is next to me all the time. I don't see him leave and poop on the carpet. I walk him constantly to the same area and tell him to pee or poop and I wait. Sometimes he will oblige me and do his business. Most times he will come in and poop. Thanks.



how long will she be in heat

My dorkie was in heat for a total of about 3 weeks. There was discharge for about one week but she was swollen and peed a lot more for a full 3 weeks. I didn't notice behavior changes with my little girl but she was still pretty new to me when her heat started.


i was jest woundering why does he food of the ground i really love him but he been to sick to to play with what do i do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that is normal but always mack sure he has food

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