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I was just needing some ideas on what type haircut to give my dorkie. I was told she would not shed, but she does, alot. Any suggestions?

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My dorkie has shorter hair than most, and I find that works best. His leg hair gets rather long, so I trim that. Also, my Dorkie shed for about the 1st year (We originally got becuase they told us a low-shed dog-but he shed all the time) but is now 2 years old and barely sheds. Hope that helps!

My little "Dorkie" is only about 2 years old... so she's only gone through one shed... I brush her daily and she doesn't seem to shed any noticeable the rest of the year. I do trim the hair on her face (seems to help her depth perception when jumping up onto the chair or couch!) In summer I trim her feet up to her ankles.. to prevent her picking up burrs... she has hairy little feet! She collects a lot of snow balls in her "feathers" from romping in the snow but patiently waits for me to pull them out!

my little buddy just turned three and I never cut her hair , she resembles a wire haired Dachshund and by scrubbing her thoroughly weekly and brushing her regularly the shedding has been not so bad . I can tell you this she is one of the most lovable dogs I've ever known and the most athletic and real smart . I rescued her when they were going to put her down when she was rescued from a puppy mill . She cost me $155 plus another $900 plus in medical bills but she is worth every penny

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