Photo I was just needing some ideas on what type haircut to give my dorkie. I was told she would not shed,

My dorkie has shorter hair than most, and I find that works best. His leg hair gets rather long, so I trim that. Also, my Dorkie shed for about the 1st year (We originally got becuase they told us a l

Photo I have a 9wk old dorkie who is absolutely precious..."chubs". He is very finicky and i was

Mine was the same way!! He finally started eating the xsmall pro plan dog food with little problems.

Photo Our puppy will not go to the bathroom. We are on vacation with her and she will not go. HELP!!! Wh
Photo What might be the cause of my dog scratching himself (mostly his belly\rib area and his face everyd
Photo How old should your dorkie be to get fixed.?


Photo I have a Dorkie that is a hear and a half in age. Is 7 pounds. Sweet and loving but can not get on a


Photo how long will she be in heat

My dorkie was in heat for a total of about 3 weeks. There was discharge for about one week but she was swollen and peed a lot more for a full 3 weeks. I didn't notice behavior changes with my little g

Photo i was jest woundering why does he food of the ground i really love him but he been to sick to to pla

that is normal but always mack sure he has food

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