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i was jest woundering why does he food of the ground i really love him but he been to sick to to play with what do i do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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that is normal but always mack sure he has food

My Dorkie did the same thing when we got her. I had to kind of make a trail of food to the bowl and carefully watch her while she ate. She finally picked up on the fact she had to eat out of the bowl. How old is the puppy?

My dorkie didn’t have much of a problem eating but there was a couple instances where she’d smell it and walk away. I don’t know if this is the proper way to train a puppy to eat but I would pick up piece if dry food and hold it up from the bowl and show her and she was more apt to come to the bowl and eat it. Dorkies can be very stubborn on what they eat. So it might take some time to figure out what they like. I finally found a food that she will constantly eat ( blue buffalo ) dry and wet food.

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