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The English Boston Bulldog is a compact, stout, well-muscled hybrid breed. Their heads are thick and very large-sized with cheeks that reach the sides of their eyes.The English Boston Bulldog’s muzzle is short and pug like and features a broad black nose with wide nostrils. Their upper lips are pendent and close over an severely undershot lower jaw. English Boston Bulldogs have round dark eyes that are set far apart and a pair of small, thin ears that are folded back. Their short tails are carried low. The hybrid breed’s chest is proportionately broad, and the limbs are straight, sturdy, and well-muscled. The coat of the English Boston Bulldog is glossy, short-haired, and fine in texture.

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Despite English Boston Bulldogs grumpy facial expression, they are one of the kindest and gentlest of all hybrid breeds. They seek human affection and are constantly striving for attention. Owners of this mix should make sure to devote time and energy to this breed so they don't become lonely. English Boston Bulldogs make excellent family pets and they usually get along well with other pets, but they can become leery or feisty towards strange dogs. As puppies, English Boston Bulldogs are very vibrant and full of energy, but they mellow out and slow down as they become older. English Boston Bulldogs are known for their guarding abilities, but they do not attack people. This breed drools and snores very loudly.

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15 - 18 inches
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20 - 35 pounds
My boston-bulldog is 48 pounds full grown.
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General Health

Because of the English Boston Bulldog's pug nose, he is susceptible to breathing problems. Some English Boston Bulldogs also have small windpipes. Poor eyesight is also a health concern for this breed. Bulldogs are prone to flatulence that may offend some people. They also are more likely than most other dog breeds to develop skin infections or suffer from heat stroke. English Boston Bulldogs have a life span that varies, but the average is 12 years.

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The glossy, short-haired coat of the English Boston Bulldog is easy to groom and care for. Regular brushing with a firm bristle brush and bathing only as necessary are sufficient methods of upkeep. The face and eyes of this breed should be wiped with a clean, moist cloth on a daily basis. Ears and eyes should be regularly checked. Nails should be kept trimmed. The English Boston Bulldog is an average shedder.

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Ideal Environment

Some English Boston Bulldogs enjoy exercising, but others would prefer to lie around the house all day long. Owners of this breed should encourage at least a bit of regular exercise to promote good health. English Boston Bulldogs are a good choice of pet for families with apartments or small households. This breed does't need a yard. English Boston Bulldogs are sensitive to extreme climates.

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