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The Frenchie-Pei will have either short coarse hair like the Sharpei or softer longer hair like the French Bulldog. Their coat comes in many colors but most are brindle or gray and heavily favor the colors of the Sharpei. They have a few wrinkles on their face and a large amount of skin on the neck. The Frenchie-Pei generally looks like a puppy well into adulthood because of its wrinkles. Ususally, they have a bobbed tail and a small compact body. The snout is medium in length and not long or flat. The tongue is bluish pruple. The ears resemble that of the French Bulldog.

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The Frenchi Pei is smart and easy to train. They are known to be stubborn. They are easy going, friendly, affectionate and known to have a goofy personality. They are protective of their territory. They are loyal and also protective of family.

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17 inches
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40 pounds
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General Health

This breed is healthy and resistant to the eye and skin problems inherent in the Shar Pei. Some may have difficultly breathing during exercise. Also, they may be sensitive to environmental allergies such as pollens and plants.

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The Frenchie Pei requires regular bathing. Most owners choose to do so at least once a month when the skin becomes too oily. Be sure to clean in-between the skin folds as they may be prone to infections, but not as bad as the Shar Pei. They get cold in the winter and have very little body fat. They only need a moderate amount of exercise. They are high energy, but low endurance.

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Ideal Environment

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