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Do Frengles bark?

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Yes, our Frengle has a high pitched howl and he barks quite a bit.

yes, sometimes

yes, but my guy only barks a little bit like when he really wants out of his crate or somtimes when he's playing. when he's in the crate a couple of squirts with the water bottle works great.

Henry started barking at about 11 months old, but he only barks for certain things. He will bark a few times to alert me if he hears people coming up to the door and when I say "enough" he stops. He will also bark to tell me he needs to go outside to do his business. 1-2 barks then look for me to open the door. He will also sometimes barks when he wants my attention. 1-2 barks to get me to look at him when I'm getting ready for work. He is not an obnoxious barker and he stops when I tell him because I have spent the time to train him. He was easily crate and potty trained at a young age because he very smart and I spent the time to train him which has paid off. He is highly treat motivated which makes training very easy.

Not frequently, and not at passerby's, other dogs, or even when he wants to go outside. My frengle only barks when we play, or someone comes to the door and makes noise. And it is not quite a beagle howl, but close.

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