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The Golden Pyrenees is white with marks on its underbelly. Generally, this breed is larger than a Golden Retriever, but heavily resembles one.

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The Golden Pyrenees has a wonderful, well rounded temperament. This breed is suited for family live and is known to be gentle and loving. Since they are large, it loves to sit around and nap the day away but is always ready for a walk or play time.

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My Golden Pyrenees is male and at 7 months old he is 65 pounds
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100-200 pounds
Some are known to get up to 220 pounds.
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General Health

No known health issues.

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This breed requires a medium amount of maintenance. They will shed heavily if not brushed regularly and may carry an odor if not bathed on a regular basis.

This breed is a heavy shedder and will require frequent brushing.

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Ideal Environment

This breed is acclimated to cold weather. The Golden Pyrenees is mildly acclimated to heat if only exposed for a short time and provided shade and water.

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I was planning to get a Golden Pyreneese as a livestock guardian and pet. I want the gentle nature of the Golden Retriever and the guardian instinct of the Pyreneese. Does anyone know whether the Golden Pyreneese retains that strong guardian instinct? As much as I would like to get one, I am not willing to sacrafice that strong guardian instinct. If uncertain, I will get a Great Pyreneese instead.

I have a Golden Pyrness. Casper is an incredible dog! He has strong guardian instincts. He patroles our fence and let's me know with a particular bark if someone or something is near his territory. He also has a tendancy to herd my other dogs, cats, and even kids! On the flip side, he has the most gentle, calm, and loving dispositon of a Golden Retriever. My Chin-Wa (weighs six pounds) even puts her head in his mouth and cleans his teeth! The only downside is the thick, dense undercoat that needs a lot of brushing. We live in a very cold cliamate, so he loves to sleep in snowbanks.

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