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My Griffinshire seems to suffer from low self esteem. He always needs to be reassured that he is loved. He will compete and fight with my teacup Yorkie for my attention. He seems jealous of the other dogs and wants all my attention for himself. If he is sitting in my lap he will get mad at my other dogs for coming into his personal space with me. Why is he so needy or all Griffins this needy?

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Are you sure it is low self esteem? It sounds like he is developing an alpha (dominant) personality. I would recommend a puppy training class it will help socialize him and teach him to be stop the aggression towards your other dog. Our Griffinshire has not displayed this behavior so I don't know that it is a breed issue.

My Griffonshire is this way too. But she was found lost in a kids park. We put up flyer's and she had a microchip, but the number was bad. They gave us the street where she previously lived (which they weren't supposed to do) and there where TONS of foreclosures on the street and it was an awful ways away for a dog to walk in a day (we went to the park almost daily). So I think that she may have come from an abusive home environment.

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