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Toby is having problem with his anul glands filling up rather than the normal way of them emptying. We feel this has to do with his diet and we have changed food twice to try to get him to have a firm bowel movement. What do you recomment? He is six months old and we had this begin at 5 months of age. Can anyone help us with this for Toby's sake!

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We have a Havamalt who had a lot of trouble with her anal glands. She also had very sensitive and itchy skin. We began feeding her Royal Canin Canine Veterinary (Clinical) Diets Hypoallergenic Dog Food, the meat and biscuits and both of the problems cleared up completely. We wish we’d tried a special diet of hypoallergenic food sooner as we visited the Vet many times in her early months. She is now 2 years and 4 months old and (touch wood) never unwell and very happy. We are getting a Maltipoo soon and will be feeding her the same diet to avoid any of the problems we’ve had in the past.

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