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The Italian Greyhuahua is often built like the Italian Greyhound but it is stocky like the Chihuahua. They have large rabbit feet, powerful strong legs, and barrel chest which make them into strong and fast runners with great endurance. The bones and muscles on the Italian Greyhauhau are bigger than the Italian Greyhound which can make them heaver than an Italian Greyhound. But the legs on this breed are normally shorter and more stocky then the Italian Greyhound. Favorable characteristics are thier beautiful large sight hound eyes, distinctive Italian Greyhound ears, the powerful deep bark of the Greyhound, and a soft satin fur coat.

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The Italian Greyhuahua is active, affectionate, and intelligent. Extremely devoted to its master, fiercely loyal, and sweet natured. Like the Italian Greyhound they become gentle and timid around strangers. The breed will listen intently when told to do something, but can become sensitive if shown harsh treatment. Like the Chihuahua their faces can be very expressive when they smile at you. With their big eyes they see everything and will take things off the shelf. With their endless curiosity they will find a way to get into anything, pull the stuffing out of toys, and chew on wood if they don't have a chewy.

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Height: 8 - 15 inches
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6 -18 pounds
or even smaller to 5-10 pounds
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General Health

The Italian Greyhuahua is sensitive to the cold and must be protected from it. Other wise they are a strong and healthy breed.

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This breed is very easy to take care of and requires minimal exercise. A couple of walks a day should keep them happy. If they become anxious or easily excited, consider giving them more exercise. They are great with other pets and quick to house train.

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Ideal Environment

This breed has short hair and is sensitive to the cold. They are an indoor dog that prefer to sleep under a blanket to stay warm. What the Italian Greyhuahua loves to do most is to run, and run as fast and hard as they can. So they need space to roam.

Having them run along with a bicycle can help drain excessive energy.

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What is the best type of dog food to feed to an Italian Greyhuahua? Should it be canned wet food or dry food?

Actually it is best to mix the dry food with the wet food because it tastes better for the dog and it is easier to eat, and actually, it keeps them from eating their own poo and eating at table scraps.

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