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They are tall with long legs and large feet. Their coats come wiry and smooth colored in black, tan with black trimming, black with tan blotches, solid tan and reddish brown. They have thick wavy fur that is easily combed. The ears are like that of a Labrador and stand up when curious. This breed has a large, wide chest. Their coat will be thick and colored reddish black with some tan near the back and tail.

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They are sometimes stubborn, but Airedale-smart. Despite their size, some "suffer" from little-dog syndrome, and may try to sit on your lap. They are fun, active, and quick to learn. Daily training is recommended and holding their attention and assert your dominance is important. They make a good family dog. It's best to socialize them with small animals and children from birth. This breed is very intelligent and is easily house trained as they are eager to please. They get along well with other dogs animals and children when properly socialized. They are sometimes known to be goofy and very playful.

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General Health

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Some Lab'Aires have medium length, wiry coats, and some are smooth. Wiry-haired dogs tend to shed, but their somewhat compact coat is very easy to brush or comb. Be careful in black-coated Lab'Aires, fleas and skin irritations are likely under the dense, dark coat if not taken care of properly, especially along the genitals, base of the tail, and sides of legs. Males and females develop beards that can be long but not thick enough to hold rogue debris. They are also known for long curly eyebrows. Generally easy maintenance but be careful to watch for skin problems.

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Ideal Environment

These breed is not lazy. They love to play and have a keen prey drive. They don't normally tear up furniture, but do need daily exercise to release pent up energy. They do best in a secured yard as they love to chase prey. If there is a way to get out of the yard, this breed is likely to find it. They do great in the country but are just as comfortable living in the suburbs. Daily leash walks are recommended.

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