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The Labbe has a coat that comes in yellow, black and chocolate and is often sprinkled with patches of white, derived from its Beagle heritage. As this breed matures, it often keeps its puppy like appearance due to its Beagle heritage. The paws are often webbed and the head, ears and eyes almost always resemble that of the Beagle.

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The Labbe is loyal and loving and is always attentive to its owner. This breed loves to play and needs plenty of daily exercise. The Labbe is very excitable during puppyhood, but will mellow out as it matures. This breed can be scent driven and may be known to track. Leashing is advised until fully trained. The Labbe is very intelligent and enjoys training and games. Fetch is always a favorite. The Labbe is very food motivated which can aid in training. Some may dislike water.

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19-24 inches
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25-40 pounds
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General Health

The Labbe is prone to hip dysplasia and some may suffer from seizures. As both parent breeds carry this trait.

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The Labbe doesn't require much grooming aside from a weekly brushing to keep shedding low. Monthly bathing is recommended.

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Ideal Environment

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I have a 50/50 cross Labbe who suffers from what seems to be seizures. They ONLY occur when she is sleeping though so I cant tell if her movement is dreaming or seizing. Her movements are more on the sporatic and jerky side which leads me to think its seizures. Any information would be great!

i really wouldnt be worried about that, my dog Zanello is a 17 week old male Labbe, and ever since we got him he always had tremors in his sleep. Sometimes we will notice him jerking and his paws moving simulating a seizure, i used to wake him up, but now i just let him go.. i thinks its just deep sleep..

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