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The Labaraner is usually black or brown but on occasion may be gray and take after the Weimeraner.

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The Labmaraner is an intelligent breed but can sometimes be stubborn. It is very good at problem solving. It is gentle and calm and will do well with children. This is a high energy breed and will need plenty of exercise to prevent chewing. The Labmaraner prefers to be close to members of the family and will strive for attention.

The Labmaraner may carry some of the separation anxiety of the Weimaraner. The hybrid was bred to develop a better hunting breed by mixing the positive traits of the Labrador. Such as the Labradors thicker coat and independent spirit. The Labmaraner is great at swimming and is an adequate runner. The Labmaraner is a high energy breed that needs plenty of exercise and activities. Especially during it's first year. It is intelligent and skilled at hunting and retrieving. This breed is food motivated which makes training easy.

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24 inches
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60-100 pounds
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General Health

The Labmaraner may be prone to hip dysplasia as both the Labrador and Weimaraner.

The Labmaraner will live an average of 10-13 years.

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Labmaraners have a single coat, like the Weimaraner, but are colored similarly to Labradors. They are not heavy shedders and only require an occasional brush or bath.

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Ideal Environment

Labmaraners excel in many different types of environments. Keep in mind though that they only have a single coat so they can become cold if left in a cold environment with no activity. If they are working (hunting, searching/sniffing) they generally stay warm.

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