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Labradingers look like small Labradors but have longer ears and pointier faces. They come in several colors, black, chocolate, yellow and black with white markings.

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This breed is highly intelligent. They will sometimes vocalize in order to communicate their desires or needs. Others are completely quiet. They love to hunt but can be willful if not properly trained. They are good therapy dogs and do great with families.

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18-22 inches
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50-88 pounds
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General Health

No known health issues.

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The Labradinger is a low maintenance breed. It requires regular bathing and toe nail clipping.

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Ideal Environment

This is a high energy breed and enjoys the outdoors and plenty of exercise.

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How big do labradingers normally get?

18 -22 inches. My black girl is 22" tall slender, and about 40 pounds. She is a very smart dog with awesome capabilities.The smartest dog I have ever trained.Just remarkable.......

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