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Is this a common thing? My dog eats mid morning and early evening, and she has a treat as she goes to her room at night. at 10 pm. In the morning she often throws up yellow bile, which although is easily cleaned up off the light colored rug, I would much rather it did not happen. Any suggestions please?

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I do not know specifics about a labradoodle, but I recently lost my Pit/dalmation cross due to a rapid illness that looked like a modest problem with loose bowels that seemed to resolve then turned worse with loss of appetite and vomiting. All this happened in less than 2 weeks, and initially seemed like a fairly mild problem. On a Tuesday he was not eating, Thursday, he looked rather slow and not feeling well, Friday I took him to the vet, By Saturday I found out he had cancer that was not treatable and by midnight I had to take him to the Pet Emergency to be euthanized because his condition deteriorated so quickly. All this to say don't wait to take your dog to the vet if it is something that continues to happen. Unfortunately, it is doubtful that anything would have helped Kimmee,even an earlier vet visit. If you have any questions like this, I really suggest getting to the vet.

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