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Malteagle is a chubby, playful, and friendly natured dog which is a mixed bred of Beagle and Maltese, the two purebred dogs. Its traits are similar to that of its parent as it has got its smooth coat from Maltese and its color pattern from Beagle. Malteagle is famous as a best companion because of its loving and adorable nature.

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Maltese Beagle has a friendly and affectionate nature that makes it easy for it to interact with humans. The little toy is born with the skills of getting connected with its owner soon. The cute Malteagle do not restrain those people who have a fear of dogs. This allows people to keep it in apartments and flats.

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1 foot tall, small dog breed
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15-22 lbs
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General Health

They are likely to get affected due to dislocation of joints, low blood sugar, degenerative eye disorders, and renal disorders. Regular checkups are really important as it helps in keeping illnesses at bay and maintains the best health for your pet.

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Malteagle is an active dog that demands a quite substantial amount of daily activity. The chubby pet is the owner of senses that has command over the smell. This makes it fun for it to pick fascinating scents. Make sure to keep it in an enclosed area to resist from wandering. Daily sessions of interactive plays are a necessity for him. While taking Malteagle outdoors for a walk or jog, make sure to keep it under control. Try to tie it with a string.

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The only desire Maltese have is to get affection and love from humans. Days it misses love and care; it turns to be destructive for a long span. Over-Pampering is also not good as it may lead to making them possessive. After this, they will start acknowledging kids and pets as a threat. Hence, there is a need for continuous intimacy of Maltese with people and other animals. This cute little pet can entertain you all the time with its charming behavior and keep you busy all day long. It possesses an amazing sense of smell, and if it gets the chance, it will go for discovering a new path.

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Ideal Environment

Malteagles requires a healthy diet rich in protein that can boost their lifestyle. The proper intake is necessary when it is moving towards aging or preparing for a healthy competition. Include sunflower as well as fish oil in the food that provides enough energy to your pet and maintain the shine of its coat. You can also add fruits, vegetables, and brown rice as a rich source of fiber. Make sure to feed your pet with a sufficient amount of food that its body requires in respect to its weight, age, and level of activity.

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