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The malti-pin may vary in dufferent colors. Some can turn to a yellowish-white color or black and brown and start to turn grey as they age. these dogs are born of all colors and fur density, but the white ones , are the pick of the littler.

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Like my dog many are very hyper and energetic! They truly are great dogs, they arent very easy to teach but it takes time. I tought my dog roll over in 3 days, sit in 4, lay in 2, and high five in 5 days. They do bark very loudly and non stop. These dogs are veey friendly, fun, and nice to play with. (Dont play with toys very much, fine with children, needs a fence or a chain and leash, and there okay for apartments.)

Temperament is an individual thing, genetics also should be taken into account. But my Malti-pin is very gentle, smart, cute, eager to please, easily trained, never nips or bites. She is 5lbs 6oz. and she is white.

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They should go up to around 9-11 pounds, anything less or more wouldnt be very good.
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General Health

Malti-pins are actually very healthy except that when they are older they may have have hip dysplasia and arthritis.

Malti Pin is a crossbreed developed between the Maltese and the Miniature Pinscher. It is a small sized lively canine that is best for keeping in apartments. This city pooch Maltese Pin do not need hours of exercise and a yard to be cheerful. These pets are good for singles or seniors as they need smaller families and don’t enjoy sharing attention with other pets or children.

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Does not need grooming very often only when summer time comes because the fur gets long and it depends where you live.

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Ideal Environment

They should be in a hot and cold climate, but either is fine. (My dog isn't very good with big dogs but maybe if you start both dogs as puppies together they will be great together!)

In reality, Malti Pin is a sharp-minded dog with the analytical approach, but they turn to be stubborn at the time of training. This factor demands a very patient as well as a professional owner who know very well to use a positive reinforcement method for teaching their puppy manners. Just an extra effort should be applied to make the little Malti Pin grow into a pooch that knows to behave like a pro. Apart from the initial level of training, it is necessary for this breed to socialize soon. In case the owner does not coach their behavior on time, they will become a victim of small dog syndrome. No one entertains the impatient and bossy attitude of pets. To ensure that your growing pet will turn to be a charming and friendly dog, engage them in work with yourself and teach them the right behaviors and work on the wrong ones.

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