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The Malti Poo is a cross breed between the Maltese and the Poodle. This breed, which is sometimes referred to as a designer breed of dog is not a breed that is recognized by the AKC because it is not a purebred. Even when both parents are purebred it is not possible to register this dog. There are some hybrid organizations that are now recognizing crossbreeds.

The Malti Poo may have a coat that is long and straight or it may be somewhat wavy or even curly. Colors for the Malti Poo may be gray, cream, white, red, black or apricot. The exact coloring as well as the type of coat that is achieved in a Malti Poo will largely depend upon its heritage. Some Malti Poos tend to take more after the poodle side while others more strongly resemble the Maltese side. The size of the dog will also vary as well. One of the largest factors that can play a role in the size of the dog will depend upon whether one of the parents was a standard poodle or a miniature poodle. Miniature poodles will produce Malti Poos that are smaller while standard poodles will produce larger Malti Poos. A Malti Poo may be either a first generation or a second generation. First generation Malti Poos come from two purebred parents while second generation dogs are produced by breeding two Malti Poos.

Also known as a Malt-A-Poo.

Also spelled Malti Poo.

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The character of the Malti Poo tends to be cheerful as well as lively. This is a dog that is alert, agile and active. For the most part, the Malti Poo is very loving and loyal as well as affectionate. This is definitely a dog that craves human interaction and attention. While the Malti Poo gets along well enough with children and will make a good family pet, it should be noted that due to the often small size of this dog it could be vulnerable in a home with small children. As a result, the Malti Poo will usually do best in a home with older children. The Malti Poo is known for getting along well with other animals, especially those they are raised with. Due to the fact that the Malti Poo is so loving and affectionate, it does not make a good watchdog.

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14 inches

10-14 inches
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5-15 pounds

5-15 pounds
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General Health

The Malti Poo breed has an average life expectancy between 10 and 14 years. This is a small breed dog, but it is one that is active and will require exercise in order to remain healthy. Due to the fact that it is a small breed, owners will need to take care with this dog when it jumps and plays, particularly as it grows older. Also, owners should be aware that the eyes of this breed can become dirty fast and will need to be cleaned several times per week in order for the dog’s vision to remain healthy. In addition, the ears will need to be kept clean. It may also be necessary to pluck the hair out of the ear canal, a task that should be tended to by the vet.

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Like many designer breeds, the Malti Poo has become quite popular in the last few years as the demand for these dogs has risen. While the Malti Poo makes a great family pet and is prized as such, there has also been increasing demand among many people for the Malti Poo to serve as a therapy dog as well as a companion dog because it gets along so well with older adults.

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When a Malti Poo has a long coat, it will be necessary to brush the coat on a daily basis. Failure to do so will result in the coat becoming snarled and tangled. If the coat is curly then it will be necessary for the coat to be professionally clipped. When necessary, the Malti Poo will need to be bathed but only a mild shampoo should be used as anything strong could cause skin disorders in this dog breed. Care should also be taken to make sure that shampoo does not get into the dogs eyes while bathing. They are low to no shedders.

The maltipoo is a hyoallergic dog that requires frequent grooming to prevent matting since they don’t shed.

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Ideal Environment

The ideal environment for the Malti Poo will be one in which the owner will see to the dog’s grooming and health requirements and provide plenty of opportunity for play and exercise. This is not a dog that can or should be left alone for long periods of time. It does best with older children who will be considerate and not engage in rough house type of play with the dog. While the Malti Poo enjoys time spent outside this is not a dog that should live outside. It will do best when allowed to live inside and play outside at times.

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my dog is almost 7yrs old.we have no backyard so she stays mostly inside house.i notice that when she runs,she makes some shrieking noise and kind of limps on one of her hind legs and doesnt move and just sits.i cant even take her outside.what could cause that?she is not that active in or outside of house enoughor have anything on floor for her to hurt herself.Any ideas?

It might be her joints, or something to do with her bones... it might also because she doesnt move or run frequently. take her to the vet!


I want to get a Maltipoo and I' am doing as much research as possible before I get a Maltipoo and I wanted to know if someone could give me an estimate of how much money you spend on a Maltipoo a year and if it would get a long with a 100 pound golden retriever. You do not have to answer the question about how much you spend a year for a Maltipoo, I am just trying to figure it out before I get one.

Mine gets along with a chocolate lab very well. So I am sure the golden retriever would be no different. I spend about 400.00 a year on mine, but thats food and grooming (prices vary with both). I do have a long curly haired maltipoo, so she gets groomed about 6 times a year, I like to keep her short since she is so active and gets knots and all very easy.


We just got an 8 week Maltipoo. We are having lots of problems feeding him. The vet suggested Purina with some water 3x per day but he just won't eat it. Any suggestions?

My maltipoo ate for the first day and then got sick. The stress got to her and she wouldnt eat or drink. I gave her pedialyte and watered down wet food for the first week. I put it in a syringe and literally had to force feed her because she just wouldnt eat. The pedialyte really helped her too.


I am getting a Maltipoo puppy. He is 7 weeks old and weighs 8 oz. His 2 litter mates are about 1.5 pounds. mine seems to be active and eating well but not gaining weight. Is there any advise on what to have checked before bringing him home? I have never had a little dog before and am concerned about his weight. any suggestions would be appreciated.

well most likely he is just playing alot and losing weight which make it look like shes not eating enough but i assure you he will be fine and you should propably wet his food.water acts like grease and adds a couple more lbss and makes the food nice and soft.onlyput your fingers tips in the water and then in his food bowlsprinkle the water.


I have read that Maltipoos should not be left alone for a long period of time. I am a single person and have recently lost her beloved Shih Tzhu to cancer. I work full time so I'm away from home about 8 hours a day. WOuld it be better to get two puppies so they have companionship or should I just not even think about getting another dog. My former dog was 10 when he died and was left alone while I went to work. This is how it was and that's what he got used to. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

You should think about getting two dogs so they can play with each other. You also must remember with two dogs come double the work, so if you must think about it since you only had one dog in the past. A good thing to do is to come home during lunch hour and get to play with your dog(s). Getting two dogs is most likely the best answer for this question.


Is it okay to trim the hair above the maltipoo's eyes (the bangs area)? My puppies hair is covering her eyes? Some one said their hair grows that way as their eyes are sensitive to light?

I have 2 Maltipoos. I have trimmed the hair over the eyes on one and keep the other in a top knot. The only issue with the hair over the eyes is that if it is constantly in the eyes, it could cause irritation. Maltipoos eyes are no more "sensitive" to light than any other dog.


My Malti Poo suffers from separation anxiety, and I would like advice as to helping him with this.



Hi. I am very excited that my boyfriend and I have decided to get a puppy and am considering a Multipoo! We have a friend that breeds them. We live in an apartment that is about 900 square feet. The dog would be alone for about 8 hours 4 times a week. The woman selling the dogs tells us this is completely fine....I am curious is you agree? Other than these times the dog will be very loved and we spend alot of time at home! It is possible that on occassion (once a week at most) that our puppy would be home a little longer than 8 hours.

My malti-poo puppy (now 2 years old) was fine being left for 8 hours, but not much more than that. We built up to the 8 hours too. Make sure he has a soft bed, plenty of his toys and don't make too big of a deal that you are leaving. Practice leaving for 5 minutes sometimes and 3 hours sometimes. Mine always has food and a puppy pad (so he doesn't get uncomfortable). I was actually surprised - he went through a one week destructive phase and then it was just over - now he is fine being left for about 8 hours but mine doesn't eat or drink much (or at all) while I'm gone, so I need to come home after work and take care of the dog. After a long work day, I spoil mine with a restaurant trip including some bacon and/or a trip to the park.


Is it ok to breed a maltipoo to a maltipoo or should I breed her with a maltese of poodle instead? Thank you!

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