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I have read that Maltipoos should not be left alone for a long period of time. I am a single person and have recently lost her beloved Shih Tzhu to cancer. I work full time so I'm away from home about 8 hours a day. WOuld it be better to get two puppies so they have companionship or should I just not even think about getting another dog. My former dog was 10 when he died and was left alone while I went to work. This is how it was and that's what he got used to. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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You should think about getting two dogs so they can play with each other. You also must remember with two dogs come double the work, so if you must think about it since you only had one dog in the past. A good thing to do is to come home during lunch hour and get to play with your dog(s). Getting two dogs is most likely the best answer for this question.

I would get 2 puppies. I have 2 Maltipoos and I believe they keep each other company while I am at work. They have never been destructive while I have been gone.

How about a rescue dog who is already potty trained? I have had both puppy and 1 year old rescue. I will tell you that the rescue dog has a great personality and was past all the rough patches that you have to go through with puppies.

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