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We just got an 8 week Maltipoo. We are having lots of problems feeding him. The vet suggested Purina with some water 3x per day but he just won't eat it. Any suggestions?

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My maltipoo ate for the first day and then got sick. The stress got to her and she wouldnt eat or drink. I gave her pedialyte and watered down wet food for the first week. I put it in a syringe and literally had to force feed her because she just wouldnt eat. The pedialyte really helped her too.

put chicken stalk in the food and warm it for a few seconds until the food swells up. Worked for mine and she loved the flavor of the chicken stalk

I brought my maltipoo home at 5 weeks old. She wasn't eating the food the breeder gave me. So my uncle ( who is a vet and works at an animal hospital) advised me to feed her Iams puppy food. It's in a yellow bag and it is the small kibbles for toy breed dogs. She has eaten very well every day after that. Even considering the moving I do back and forth between college and home.

Did you try can food or formula for puppies? That worked for me. I used to give her the bottle or put some food on my fingerand give it to her. Need to be very patient. Good luck!!!

I guarantee if you give your malti-poo artimas beef they love it and it's all natural too.

my puupy was 5wks old when we brought her home. She did not eat the Purnia that was giving to me when I bought her. I started giving her Merreck Puppys plate. She loved it.


Try Acana. My Maltipoo did not eat anything until i tried this Sells at global petfood stores alse PJ's pet store

I put a Tablespoon of white cooked rice. They love it and mine had litter mate seperation anxiety so I hired a neighbor to come down at luch to feed and spend an hour with her. Their liver does not mature until about 2 months so you have to be patient and make sure they eat. Mine even ate out of my hand better than the bowl. She is now 5 months and doing great. Hang in there!

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