Photo my dog is almost 7yrs old.we have no backyard so she stays mostly inside house.i notice that when sh

It might be her joints, or something to do with her bones... it might also because she doesnt move or run frequently. take her to the vet!

Photo I want to get a Maltipoo and I' am doing as much research as possible before I get a Maltipoo and I

Mine gets along with a chocolate lab very well. So I am sure the golden retriever would be no different. I spend about 400.00 a year on mine, but thats food and grooming (prices vary with both). I do

Photo We just got an 8 week Maltipoo. We are having lots of problems feeding him. The vet suggested Purin

My maltipoo ate for the first day and then got sick. The stress got to her and she wouldnt eat or drink. I gave her pedialyte and watered down wet food for the first week. I put it in a syringe and li

Photo I am getting a Maltipoo puppy. He is 7 weeks old and weighs 8 oz. His 2 litter mates are about 1.5 p

well most likely he is just playing alot and losing weight which make it look like shes not eating enough but i assure you he will be fine and you should propably wet his food.water acts like grease a

Photo I have read that Maltipoos should not be left alone for a long period of time. I am a single person

You should think about getting two dogs so they can play with each other. You also must remember with two dogs come double the work, so if you must think about it since you only had one dog in the pa

Photo Is it okay to trim the hair above the maltipoo's eyes (the bangs area)? My puppies hair is covering

I have 2 Maltipoos. I have trimmed the hair over the eyes on one and keep the other in a top knot. The only issue with the hair over the eyes is that if it is constantly in the eyes, it could cause ir

Photo My Malti Poo suffers from separation anxiety, and I would like advice as to helping him with this.


Photo Hi. I am very excited that my boyfriend and I have decided to get a puppy and am considering a Mult

My malti-poo puppy (now 2 years old) was fine being left for 8 hours, but not much more than that. We built up to the 8 hours too. Make sure he has a soft bed, plenty of his toys and don't make too bi

Photo Is it ok to breed a maltipoo to a maltipoo or should I breed her with a maltese of poodle instead?

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