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The Mastador is excitable during puppyhood but general calm down with age. Often th This is a family friendly breed and is well suited to children and other dogs. Generally, this breed is never aggressive but is a natural protector of the home and family. The Mastador loves to be included in the family and rewards family members with love and affection.

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32-36 inches tall at the shoulders.
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100-130 pounds
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General Health

This breed may have a chance of hip dysplasia. They may also develop heart problems in their senior years. Chronic ear infections are not uncommon.

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They are low maintenance and require occasional grooming.

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Ideal Environment

Mastadors love the outdoors and enjoy plenty exercise. They are comfortable living in apartments as long as they are well exercised.

Mastadors do well with children and other animals. Proper socialization from birth is still recommended. It is known to eat like that of the Labrador and will eat everything put in front of it. Controlling food intake is recommended to keep this breed healthy.

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Are the mastadors good around live stock such as cows. I am asking because I live on a cattle farm with approx. 48 head. Any help on this issue would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

My 7 month old is good with cows. We also have cattle and have cattle next to our yard. The first couple of times she saw them she barked a little and was curious. Now she goes over to the cattle and hangs out with them. She doesn't bark or chase them and they don't seem to mind her either. The only downside is when she rolls in cow poo:)

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