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Does this breed shed? Does the Mauxie breed bark or whine?

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My mauxie sheds very little. If he is brushed once a week, the hair comes out in the brush and I never find any on the furniture or floor. He is an alert barker.. if he hears voices outside or if the doorbell rings, he will bark. But it's not an excessive bark and as soon as the door is answered he will stop. He doesn't whine or howl at all. He is really the sweetest, most well behaved dog I have ever had. He is good with kids - but not a huge fan of the cats in the neighborhood. I'm sure if he grew up with one he would be fine. I would recommend a mauxie to anyone.

Actually they do shed but its very little and its really fine hair My 5 month old puppy does whine a lot and she also barks a lot when no one is paying attention to her she demands attention from everyone around her! she is a very mischievous puppy and likes to chew on everything.

My Mauxie, Newton, the only time i see hair shedding is in the brush. My Mauxie is a very loyal dog but he LOVES to bark @ any noise or people that he sees. It is annoying but he's a great watch dog. If you are considering one expose it to all types of dogs and people and children from young and you should be fine. I love my Mauxie!!!!

My Mauxie, Ellie, sheds very little. I was actually very surprised with how little she sheds. If you teach them not to bark, they learn pretty quickly. We would tell her no bark, and she learned pretty quick. She is 7 months old. She is a very affectionate dog.

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