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His ears lie high close to their head and are semi-folded. He has muzzles that range from medium to long in size. He has brown eyes in almond shape, but sometimes they differ in color like hazel, amber, and blue. The Mini Shephterrier has long bodies as well as short legs, lean and muscular body, forequarters, and strong hind. He is a kind of energetic dog and is suitable for keeping at home

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The Mini Australian Shepterrier is a right choice for keeping in the household as he becomes great companions of the family members and enjoys the company of children. His true nature and ready to learn attitude makes training interesting. Because of his high prey drive, Australian Shephterrier is not suitable for keeping with smaller pets. While coming across a new face, he may start barking to warn the native of the stranger\'s presence. The Australian Shepterrier pups are alert and become a good watchdog. Apart from that, Mini Australian Shephterrier is among those dogs that are easy to train and who have a friendly approach towards learning. Proper training from the very initial stage of their childhood enables them to socialize and humble towards people and other pets.

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General Health

Usually a healthy breed it may get affected due to Canine Hip Dysplasia, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, and Retinal Dysplasia.

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Mini Australian Shepterrier is a cross breed of Australian Terrier and the Miniature Australian Shepherd. He varies in height from small to medium size and also has long fur coats that are wiry or either straight.

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The Mini Australian Shephterrier requires little grooming sessions. He is a seasonal shedder who does not shed their coat throughout the year but once he regains the terrier coat then shedding may become rare. During summer season these breeds shed more, and therefore they need weekly deshedding for removing loose fur. Also, they do not require regular bathing; in fact, few baths all around the year is enough. Excessive bathing can lead to skin problems and often dry skin issues. Cleaning their teeth every week is important for preventing any dental disease. Monitoring and cleaning of ears are necessary for avoiding any kind of infections. Nails must be appropriately trimmed after they grow long.

Being an owner of Mini Australia Shephterrier, one needs to keep proper care of his diet and provide a balanced diet. Providing him with quality dry food can boost the diet. One can offer it with kibble or premium brands that provide a proper diet for Mini Australian Shephterrier. While offering Kibble, make sure that it has a heavy quantity of meat protein that provides healthy fats and other essential nutrients that provides fuel and make sure that they remain lean.

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Ideal Environment

The Mini Australian Shepterrier is a breed full of energy, and they require at least 90 minutes of regular physical activity. A pet lover can quickly adapt it, and it can go for all kinds of urban, rural, or suburban environments. It enjoys activities that end with mental stimulation and includes several games such as herding and fetching. It has a quiet social and friendly nature, and that is why it enjoys visiting dog parks. As it has the habit of moving all day long, keeping it as a pet can be a hard task, but for those who enjoy an active lifestyle will share good company with Shephterrier.

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