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They are short sized dogs with a broad skull, thick-set body, and short legs. Similar to their parents, this breed also has a short muzzle, which makes it difficult for them to breathe. Their eyes are large, round, and dark located at the lower side of the skull. Their small thin ears hang on both sides. It has a short coat with soft and glossy fur that falls moderately.

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Miniature Bulldog possesses magnificent and charming temperament. When they are around new people or animals, they tend to be happy and friendly. Because of its overprotective nature, the dog can display such kind of behavior and avoid such a circumstance; there is a need to create a familiar zone between dogs and others. The Pug shows a notorious behavior at the time of training, and Bulldogs creates problem during rain, wet, or cold outside. They show a dull attitude at the time of regular training, but they also reveal their retaining power once they pick up something.

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14-16 inches
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20-45 lb
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General Health

Being a hybrid breed, they are less vulnerable to different congenital health issues other than the ones impacting the parent breeds. Bulldogs are mainly prone to have heart attacks or cancer wherein pugs are prone to develop heart issues and eye related problems. As the miniature Bulldog is short-faced, it might suffer from breathing problems as well. Other than these, it might be prone to obesity too.

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Miniature Bulldog is a crossbreed between English bulldog and Pug developed around 1600 BC.

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Bulldogs tend to have weak stamina that resists it from exercising for a long time. These indoor dogs prefer to spend a carefree lifestyle. They need a nap after every 15 minutes of activities. This moderate energy level makes it easy for the Bulldog to adapt to any home type. Taking the bulldog for a walk of a mile or two is enough even he will be happy just by rolling up and down in the street. Provide these little canines an air-conditioned atmosphere and enough of fresh water. Apart from this, these wide head dogs can never swim, and therefore they require complete protection in the water. It will be better to keep it away from the spa, pool, or pond.

Mini bulldog requires a huge amount of food in comparison to other canines. They require high-quality food that completes the need of nutrition in the body. The mini Bulldog puppies need to be fed 2 to 3 times per day when they are around 2 to 4 months of age. The adult ones must be fed with good-quality food distributed into balanced meals. Make sure to avoid overfeeding. Don’t forget that these dogs are not active all the time, and lack of exercise can make things indifferent.

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Ideal Environment

There are exceptions, too; few males are there who can become violent or dominating while being around other male dogs. Miniature Bulldog is very patient with children, but there is a need for close observation in interactions for avoiding misconception or rough behavior from the child or the dog.

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