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Both the parent breeds possess dark eyes; the Dachshund have almond shape while Bulldogs have round ones. There is the difference between their ears as Bulldog has short, ears with high on the head folding downwards for joining the skull outline and Dachshund have drop shape ears hanging forwards. The Miniature English Bulldach can inherit all or few of the physical features of any parent breed. These hybrids mainly possess short, single-layer coat common in both smooth0-haired Dachshunds as well as English Bulldog.

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They are very intelligent but known to be very stubborn. They are excitable when hyper but normally crash and take a nap. They love human interaction as well as children.

The Miniature English Bulldach is among the brave and bold animal that has the charisma to attract others. They own the quality of being happy while they live close to their family. Their attraction towards their families can also develop separation fuss towards small canines, especially when they are left isolated for a long time. These dogs have a charming personality that attracts people and other animals, specifically those who are young and energetic. Dachshunds have the traits of becoming aggressive with other dogs, and this feature can be seen in Miniature English Bulldach sometimes. Giving training to them is not an easy task as they have their mood, and they tend to do things according to their manner. Sometimes they tend to become stubborn and defensive also. But once they focus on grabbing something, they never forget it. Regular and patient training methods must be followed.

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37 pounds
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General Health

The Miniature English Bulldach requires simple grooming. Bathing routine for bulldach can be infrequent. Provide it when it becomes wholly messy or starts smelling. Brushing session is also required twice a week using a bristle brush or slicker brush for removing shedding and dead hair. In case the canine has genetically less coat of long-hair or wire-hair, it requires extra brushing. Regular facial cleaning is a must for restricting the growth of mildews and molds in those areas.

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The Miniature English Bulldach is a crossbreed between the English Bulldog and Dachshund. The English Bulldog is a companion dog with a broad skull, a short curly tail, and undershot jaw while Dachshund is a healthy dog with a long back, tail, skull, and a closed muzzle. The crossbreed of these two can inherit either positive or negative traits. Well, these two parent breeds are completely different canines that differ in temperament, body structure, and appearance. Because of these differences, there can be an unusual amount of variations between this kind of dogs, even within the same brood.

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These crazy canines eat more than any other typical breed. Puppies require 3-4 cups every day. During adulthood, English Bulldach must not be overfed because their body comes in contact with obesity. Lack of exercise can worsen the situation.

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Ideal Environment

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