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Hi- I got my Morkie 3 weeks ago and he has taken up the habit of biting fingers. He is 10 weeks old and I'm wondering if its just a puppie thing or if he has a bad habit. I have tried walking him and playing with him because I thought he was bored, but he still bites fingers and odd small things. He has plenty of toys but when he we hold him or when he sees fingers he likes to bite them.

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I have a 4 month old Morkie, and i've found that brushing her teeth or giving her a dental chew stick about once or twice a week, she stops chewing on fingers. Hope it helps.

I've found that holding the muzzle closed with one hand, looking them straight in the eyes for a few seconds and giving them a firm 'no' works really well with my Morkie. She is instantly contrite and takes to licking you instead as though apologizing. It takes repetition to make it stick though. Mine will still occasionally go for my fingers but a quick reminder and handing her a chew toy or rawhide diverts her attention.

Definitely just a puppy thing - our morkie nipped/chewed on everything. Your puppy is teething, just get some bones/toys for them to chew on and get bitter apple spray for items that you don't want your puppy to chew on (corners of furniture/chairs) and they should grow out of it pretty soon! Good luck and enjoy being a morkie owner. We

It for sure is a puppy thing. My two did it at that age. Just tap his nose and say "no bite". Quickly give him a bully stick. The braided ones last longer. They are also good for helping puppy teeth come out, which will save on dental vet bills by not needing to have retained baby teeth pulled Enjoy your new baby and take lots of pictures. :)

my Maltese/Yorkie does the same thing. if somebody let him bit their finger before, they'll continue too. Maltese/ Yorkie puppies desire a lot of attention. Give a firm "no" every time. He won't stop if you don't stop him. give your puppy attention and time to rest.

you need to tell him "no" every time he does it. if you aren't he thinks he can get away with it. if that doesn't work put something he doesn't like the taste of on your fingers and put something he does like on his toys.

give him something to chew, tell him no when he bits your finger, and ignore him for a bit. He will learn. All puppies do these.

First off your Morkie is a teething puppy. Puppies bite, chew and teeth. The will put everything in their mouths just like babies. You must make sure that Morkie is well exercised, and has plenty of fun appropriate toys to chew on. Second, each time puppy bites you hard make a loud yellp and pull away abruptly. You must establish yourself as leader of the pack. Do this each time your puppy bites hard. Gradually, yelp at less and less pressure when pup bites until pup is very gentle. If Morkie keeps coming back for more yelp loudly, wave him/her off with exaggerated hand motions and get up and remove yourself for several minutes (in essence giving a time out). It's a gradual process but as long as your are consistent and continue to send the message that biting is NOT okay, he will get the hang. Good luck.

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