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I just bought my Morkie last weekend (he is 3 months old) and when I take him for walks or he gets real excited, he makes this "goose honking" noise a little bit. Has anyone experienced this? If so, what do you do?

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yes this is called reverse sneezing. I also have a morkie but it is my chihuhua that just recently started this and had been taken to the vet- although its fairly common-I would take your pet to a vet bc it is also a symptom of a collapsed trachea. always better to be safe- go to a professional aka vet!

I to have a Morkie and when I got him three weeks ago he made that same sound. My Vet told me that it was called "Kennel Cough" that may have been contracted through his transport from the kennel. She prescribed an antibiotic for him to take for two weeks and now he no longer makes the sound. Good Luck!

Mine doesn't make the goose noise when going for walks, but makes the noise after drinking water. She has done it from day one and still does and it has been 2 months.

That can either be normal or mean he/she is sick. Since Morkies are half Yorkie,i think when they get excited or tired they can make a snorting/wheezing sound. But, if you are really worried about it contact your dogs vet.

yes ours is 5 month old and does the same thing

Mine does the same thing and I was worried it was kennel cough. It was definitely not kennel cough. It is reverse sneezing. When it is really bad, I just rub his neck with his head up and it seems to go away quickly. It always happens when he is overly excited or we have been out running. He has a habit of running like crazy through the house from one end to the other and then will suddenly start the reverse sneezing. I have to rub him and then it is fine and he goes back to running until the sneezing starts again. It is very common but yeah, you should make sure you bring it up to your vet. I took a couple of videos of Baxter doing it to show them since he was never doing it on office vets

It's just a reverse sneeze my morkie has been doing it for almost four years ( turning 4 in July) and it's a completely normal thing and nothing to worry about.

very normal in the breed trachea collapse comon in small breeds or reverse sneeze. It is scary when it happens but resolves on own, My Morkie does this too. If you are worried about the frequency of this consult a vet.

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