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My Morkie is 5 months old and a little lover. My main issue with him is how he interacts with my 2 cats. He constantly wants to play/wrestle with them. This also consists of biting them which is a huge issue for me. I have tried clapping my hands, talking loudly, and using a rolled up paper to hit my hand so the sound will distract him.

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This is very interesting. My 3 month old Morkie likes to bite my three Golden Retrievers, but does it in an apparent playful way, as my goldens don't really seem to mind. If she gets too aggressive, they let her know! My Morkie, Boosh, is a very loving dog and totally fearless, so she has a lot of both breeds in her.

I also have a similar issue with my little girl, except she is biting the legs of my other dog who is a male lab!! Thankfully he is very tolerant of her and i do the same thing while telling her"no" so far she hasen't stopped though.

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