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My morkie gets a bath once a week, but after about 2 days, he becomes quite stinky. Does anyone else have this issue? Is this normal? Is it ok to bathe him more often? Help!

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I have the same issue with my Morkie. That 'dog" smell is awful !! But I hate to bathe him more than once a week due to drying out and irritating his skin. Please post if you have suggestions.

Have had it's anal glans clean? Groomer can do it for you.

Our wiener dog was like that - he smelled bad even when we bathed him. He had an infection in his ears. We treated it for 10 days and it has not come back. The vet could tell what it was because it smelled. Maybe have his ears checked.

I bathe our morkie every 2-3 days with baby shampoo and have never had a problem with dry skin. Yes, she is stinky after 2-3 days.

I experience the same smelly problem after a couple days too. I have been told to bath her in baking soda or vinegar with the shampoo. I'm in the process of trying the soda. No c conclusion yet. I need suggestions too. Recently my Sophie had a horrible odor of urine; which I thought was hers. After several inquiries and bathes. I found out that it was cat urine. We don't have a cat. Sophie had wallowed in stray cat urine. The smell was horrible and would not wash out of her. Sophie's groomer told me to wash her in tomato juice in addition to shampoo..Thank God...It worked. You bet I watch her carefully when she goes out to do her business now.

Have it's anal glands clean. Sometime these glands get full, and it will become really stinky dog smell.

I bathe my morkie once a week, but found when I changed her dog food flavor, the odor improved! She likes "Taste of the wild" dry food and we changed her from the salmon flavor to the chicken and the odor greatly improved!

I am sorry to hear so many of you have this problem. Few things can help: Try not to bath the dog very often. As strange as it sounds, dogs need their natural oils and more you wash them, more they will produce it and consequently smell. Make sure ears are clean too. But, most importantly: try feeding your dog raw meat once a week. Pick a day, once a week, and feed your dog a small portion of raw meat. Pick another day, once a week, and try a raw bone (not too small). I feed my Morkie a chicken leg bone. As far as meat, anything will do. The coat is shiny, the skin is milk white and clear, she doesn't smell at all and loves me :). I hope this helps.

It is likely the anal glands and all it takes is canned pumpkin, approx teaspoon mixed with the food, in three days anal glands such clear up, if not by one week the vet will clear it up fast, but still continue with pumpkin even two or three times a week at least. Do not use the pie filling pumpkin, just ordinary canned pumpkin. The anal glands give off the odour when they become engorged and my daughter was taking her morkie every two months until we found this solution on the Internet. My morkie has never had the problem butt I give her pumpkin once a week.

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