Photo Hi- I got my Morkie 3 weeks ago and he has taken up the habit of biting fingers. He is 10 weeks old

I have a 4 month old Morkie, and i've found that brushing her teeth or giving her a dental chew stick about once or twice a week, she stops chewing on fingers. Hope it helps.

Photo is a Morkies hair always straight

I have a morkie and her hair is actually a little wavy towards the back. So in response to your question all though some can be totally straight, others can be a little wavy.

Photo My Morkie is 5 months old and a little lover. My main issue with him is how he interacts with my 2

This is very interesting. My 3 month old Morkie likes to bite my three Golden Retrievers, but does it in an apparent playful way, as my goldens don't really seem to mind. If she gets too aggressive, t

Photo Is hard to potty train Morkies?

My puppy actually learned from watching his mom go on newspaper, now everytime he sees the newspaper he goes on it, even if it wasnt intentionally for him to go on there! LoL he cries when he doesnt s

Photo i was wondering, i got my morkie groomed for the first time. I pick her up today and the black on he

The hair color that is closest to your Morkie's skin will be the color that grows out. Our breeder had told us this when we got him. Sure enough, the black tips have never grown back - he's a blondie!

Photo How can you tell if a morkie will have ears that stand up?

There isn't really a way to tell, you just have to love what you get! However, if the two dogs have littered before you can ask what the outcome for ears was and that can indicate what you are likely

Photo I just bought my Morkie last weekend (he is 3 months old) and when I take him for walks or he gets r

yes this is called reverse sneezing. I also have a morkie but it is my chihuhua that just recently started this and had been taken to the vet- although its fairly common-I would take your pet to a ve

Photo Is there a way to get your Morkie's ears to lay back down once they stand up. My Morkie is now 5 mon

it is completly normal for ur morkie to have huge ears because my morkie has big adorable ears and i geuss it helps them listin to abnormal noises.

Photo My Morkie is 3 months old with some short and longer hairs all over. Will she grow a long coat? She

give it about another month or two and it'll even out.

Photo My 5 month old Morkie has started letting her mouth hang open. What could be causing this?

Yo ' Douggie [Dougie] Is Juss Tired Or SomeThang . No Probby Ight .!?

Photo I have a Morkie and she is three months old and a Labrador Retriever that is six years old. Since I

I have a Morkie now a little over a year old but I also have a 6 year old lab/bulldog... My morkie did that when he was a puppy and still does it to this day but my big dog plays with him more now...

Photo My morkie dog looked like a maltese . 3 months later a total different dog. Is this common.You woul

The same thing has happened with my dog. She was black when I got her as a puppy but throughout the year she has turned gray and white. This is normal because I know someone else with a Morkie and th

Photo Can I shave My dog in the summer time. Is it safe for her to have short hair

I wouldnt shave your dog even if it summer because they could get cold when the air condionining is n in your home so probally not!

Photo hi, my morkie is black / tan and cream, more like the yorkie colour. her mum is the yorkie and

My Maltese had a litter of two Morkies. They were silver gray colored.. Her second litter of one has golden and white colored hair. So they can have different colors from the same parents.

Photo My Morkie is going on 8 months. This evening after he had eaten a package of Pedigree soft food he

Drooling at that age could be simply a sign that your doggie is cutting teeth. Doggies don't have "wisdom teeth" per se, but they do get their back molars at about 6-9 months... but that do

Photo My 6 month old Morkie likes to dig on our bed sheets when hanging with us on the bed. Doesn't matter


Photo My morkie gets a bath once a week, but after about 2 days, he becomes quite stinky. Does anyone else

I have the same issue with my Morkie. That 'dog" smell is awful !! But I hate to bathe him more than once a week due to drying out and irritating his skin. Please post if you have suggestions.

Photo how often should i feed my morkie he is 8weeks and 1lb and how much should i feed him

Three times a day. However, small dogs until you set a schedule should be allowed to feed a day. They normal have very small amounts. If they do not eat, their sugar will become too low, making it sic

Photo Please advice if it is normal for a Morkie to have only 1 pup. I am looking to purchase a puppy an

Yes it is normal. Sometime if you're lucky they will have two. However, in most occasion One is the most. These dogs are small.

Photo I walk my Baxter 2-3 miles every morning before going to work. He used to tire out but now he can go

Depends on what size your dog is? She will let you know when she is tired and can not go any further. Don't over heat her, and make sure they get enough wait. She's not a Lab.

Photo should a morkies tail be cropped?

Yes a morkies tail should be cropped because the maltese and yorkie have docked tails so morkies inherits it

Photo Is there a reason my morkie sometimes sounds like he has a hairball or something blocking his breath

Ask your vet about "reverse sneezing"

Photo We just got an 8 week old Morkie (girl) pup, what is the best we to teach her to sleep thru the nigh

sleep with her in bed for a couple days and she will be fine on her own once she gets used to you.

Photo my morkie's back is covered in bumps and black dust the vet calls an allergy. I use special shampoo

My morkie was also covered in bumps and I first realized this when he started to constantly lick his paws. It first appeared there, but then spread to the rest of his body. I changed his shampoo to tr

Photo I just adopted a 6 month old female Morkie from a shelter. She is constantly having accidents in the

Hopefully this will help. Morkies can be difficult to potty train but can learn to do their business outside. When you are able to, take your puppy every hour or two outside in a leash so your puppy

Photo Yes, I am buying my first ever puppy today, a morkie, and I have NO clue what to do. I have an 8 ye

i dont know.. hee hee

Photo We just adopted our Morkie almost a week ago where she was living in a dryer less humid climate. Sh

Your dog may have kennel cough and need antibiotics to treat properly. I suggest checking her out with a veternarian.

Photo We are trying to find the right dog food for our morkie. We have tried several kinds that wont break


Photo My dog, Max, is almost 6.5 years old, 5.5 lbs. He was the runt of the litter - all his siblings gre

I have a six year old male and a two year old female Morkie. Our male one hundred percent preferred my company and often ignored my husband. The first couple of weeks we had our female were long one

Photo I just realized my 5 year old morkie is pregnant and my daughter said that yorkies have a 50% chance

Make sure you visit a local vet and find out more. They should be happy to lend a helping hand.

Photo We have a Morkie and we are trying to train him to use the puppy pads. Most of the time he does well

I believe wee pads confuse dogs and say it is okay to eliminate in the house. These are dogs and puppies should be trained to go outside to eliminate. As for the nipping - that might be teething.

Photo What is the scab like sore on my morkie snout? It feels dry, but puss comes out if squeezed. Can you

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